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​Carved & Painted Shoe Form Pin Cushion

This is an exceptional early pin cushion, carved from a single piece of wood in the form of a shoe and then skillfully paint decorated.  The details of the carving are remarkable, from the bow on the front to the scallop design over the heal, to the diamond pattern at the top which represents a woman's stocking.  Paint decorated in black, red, green, with yellow accents.  The pin cushion itself is missing.  But the shoe is fabulous nevertheless.  And the early paint surface is fantastic!   Measuring 3 1/4" tall at the heal; 5 1/2" long from toe to heel; 2" wide at the bow; 1 1/2" wide at the body.  It has one tiny chip on the end of the toe and a couple of tiny surface abrasions from age and use (all barely noticeable).  Otherwise in perfect condition.