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​Doris Stauble Arrangement

Doris Stauble was a well known anituqes dealers in Wiscaset, Maine.  But she found her true calling when she decided to purchase the contents of a warehouse on the Hudson River, well stocked with Victorian millinery fruit and flower embellishments. And thus was born Doris Stauble Arrangements.  She almost always used antique containers as the receptacles for her arrangements.  She had an artist’s eye for color and form. Often to satisfy her own criterion, she would have to dye some of the flowers and often, too, create in paper mache some of the fruit (such as a watermelon) that she was unable to find elsewhere. She was a perfectionist.

This arrangement, done in an early painted wood urn, is a tower of peaches, grapes, roses, and moss.  It is topped off with feathers and a lovely little yellow bird.  Measuring 17" tall with a diameter (at its widest point) of 9 1/2".  A wonderful example of her work!