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​Painted Pine Fireboard

Painted pine fireboard, New England, early 19th century, with paint-decoration done in the manner of “Stimp” with an abundant and colorful arrangement of flowers and berries in blue urns on stands framed by leafy vines, with two willow trees at lower edge. The Fireboard itself dates to around 1820, with mortise and tenon construction, having two beaded panels, backed with 19th C. Connecticut newspaper, measuring 32"t by 42 3/4" w. Imperfections: scattered paint touch up 
done in the 40s, burned area on the back below left panel, evidence of early sap seepage, surface abrasions, all consistent with age and use.

For similar examples see the following references:
Robert Bishop, Folk Painters of America, New York, 1979. p. 14.
Little By Little, E.P. Dunton, New York, 1984, p 97, fig 129. The example illustrated here was sold in the Bertram K. And Nina Fletcher Little Collection, Part II, Sotheby’s, New York, Oct. 21 and 22, 1994, as Lot 782.