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This extraordinary set of four family portraits are that of the Oldridge family, ca. 1839.  They are oil on wood panels, inscribed on verso (very faint) "Painted Nov 1839 Miss Susan Paine", and inscribed on verso (very faint) of one of the son's portraits, "Daniel Henry Oldridge died Oct 1 1840 in his 19th year",  all in later paint-decorated frames, (minor restoration to portrait of father), each measures approximately 30" tall by 23-3/4" wide to edge of frames.  

Daniel Henry Oldridge, the youngest of the two brothers,  was buried in a Rhode Island cemetery in 1840.

Captain Samuel Oldridge, B Aug.27, 1781 - D Aug.1893.
Abby Oldridge, B 1784 - D Feb. 6, 1857.
Married Nov. 2, 1809 in Rehobath, Mass. (Abby’s maiden name was Paine and it is believed that she                          was a cousin to the artist Susan Paine).

About the artist:  
Susan Paine, a listed artist, was a itinerant portrait and landscape painter in the early 19th C.                                 She was born in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and worked throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut                                     and Rhode Island from the mid-1830's until her death in 1862.

These paintings were featured in Folk Art Magazine, Winter 2005 issue, catalogue #30, in an                                        article entitled "Roses and Thorns: The Life of Susanna Paine", by Michael R. Payne and Suzanne                                Rudnick Payne.  A copy of that catalogue is included with purchase.

John Scholfield of Norwich, MA
Mary Allis of Southport, CT
Christies, Oct. 18th, 1996, catalogue included with purchase.