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​Large Chalkware Rabbit

Just in time for Easter is this wonderful, large chalkware rabbit.  He is decorated with  brown spots, a brown stripe down his back, large standout eyes, big ears with orange outlined in dark brown, a dark brown nose, and an orange collar.  He is very folky.  He measures 8 3/4" tall; 5 1/2" wide by 4" deep.   He is hollow, although he has a finished base. One of his ears had been broken off at some point and repaired.  You can see that area in the close-ups.  But all-in-all he is great, in spite of his repaired ear.  !  I have had only a couple of rabbits in the past.  But never one this large and with this paint decoration.  A great piece of folk art or addition to a chalkware collection!