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Miniature Tavern Table

This extraordinary ​miniature tavern table was most likely a gift for a child or grandchild.  It is the size of doll furniture.   It has a wonderful early attic surface with tapered, thumb-molded legs, early nails, and what appears to be the original price tag.  Measuring just   " tall, by   " wide, by   " deep.  A wonderful 19th C. miniature!          $525.00 

Tiny Stack of Books   

​Unique assembled stack of four miniature 19th C. carved books, one with its original hanging ring. The bottom book is wood, the other three are hewn stone. These may have been made as children’s toys or whimsies; the book mounted with a ring was probably used as a pendant. The largest book is only 1 ½” wide, Ca 1860-1880. This is by far the tiniest stack of books I have ever seen.   Ex: David Good          $575.00