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​Early Floral Needlework On Silk

This delicate and lovely early needlework depicts a wire basket full of flowers.  The flowers are all raised and several have glass beads for centers.  The basket was stitched using some sort of metallic thread.  Housed in a period lemon gold frame.  There are imperfections due to age, including some water spots and scattered soiled spots.  The edges of the silk have been reinforced with acid-free fabric mesh tape.  And the back is covered with acid-free backing, although I took the photo before the backing was placed.  There are also acid-free spacers to hold the glass off of the raised flowers.  The frame also has abrasions.  Again, due to age and use.  Measuring 12 1/2" wide by 14 1/2" tall overall.  
This photo shows the back of the needlework before the acid-free board was attached.