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​Set of Paint Decorated Drawers

This set of hanging drawers is elaborately paint decorated in an ochre colored vinegar decoration.  There are six dovetailed drawers housed in a dovetailed case with applied backboard.  This piece can sit on a counter or be hung on the wall.  There are a few holes on the inside where old screws had been used to hang it.  All but one of the knobs appear to be original.  And the one that has a slightly different hue to its color may also be original, but you be the judge.  The backboard has an age crack.  There is some wear, but all-in-all the surface is in fine condition for its age.  Ca. 1840-1860.  Origin is unknown, but I am guessing Vermont or New Hampshire.    Measuring 19" wide by 16 1/2" tall and just 8" deep.  A great set of drawers!