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​19th C. Paint Decorated Wall Shelves

This fabulous set of shelves has a large cornice over three shelves that are flanked by lovely scalloped side boards with upper lollipop cutouts.  The entire piece is grain painted, most likely to give the appearance of a more expensive wood.  These shelves are light weight and cab easily be secured to the wall.  It is nailed construction using both tiny square and oval nails.  The shelves are mortised in and the backboards are simply secured with nails and could easily be removed if you prefer seeing the wall behind it.  You can visibly see the wear on the shelves from years of taking things on and off.  Surface imperfections consistent with age and use.  Measuring 35" tall; 34 1/2" wide by 11 1/2" deep at the top; 31 3/4" wide by 9 3/4" deep at the base.  A wonderful early piece that is perfect for display!