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​Collection of Miniature Carved Whalebone Fruits In Burl Bowl

This is an exceptional collection of miniature carved whalebone fruits in a small, finely turned burl bowl. Each little piece of fruit is finely detailed. The centerpiece of the grouping is a pineapple. The collection consists of a large variety of fruits, including a pineapple, an ear of corn, assorted peppers, a pea pod, an apple, a persimmon, and an eggplant. There are sixteen carved whalebone fruits in all. They come with a very fine little burl bowl for display. From an estate in northeastern Massachusetts. Possibly sailor-made. The bowl measures 6.5" in diameter by 1.75" tall (3.75" tall to top of pineapple). For size reference: the pineapple measures approximately 3.5" tall by 1.5" in width. Very fine condition. Three out of the sixteen caved bone fruits are missing their stems. A stellar miniature collection!  

 From an estate in northeastern Massachusetts.