Very Fine Little 19th C. Paint Decorated Mirror - Ex: Yankee Smuggler
Exceptional 19th C. Hollow
Chalkware Deer
Best 19th C. Paint Decorated
Game Board - Signed
19th C. Carved & Poly-Chrome
Painted Cornucopia
19th C. Hand-Made Southern
Leather Pin Cushon

Marvlous 19th C. Hollow
Chalkware Garniture
One-Of-A-Kind 19th C. Hooked Rug of
A Sheep Dog Overlooking His Flock
Turn of the Century Zinc Finial
From Paris Kentucky

Late 19th C. Paint Decorated
Grain Sifter Side
Late 19th - Early 20th C.
Hair Goods Trade Sign

Early 19th C. Carved Frame or Mirror With Birds In Original Paint

Pair of Early 20th C. Wooden Architectural Ornaments

19th C. Hand-Carved French Violin Trade Sign

Late 19th to Early 20th C. Pennsylvania

Very Elaborate Home-Made
Folk Art Birdhouse

Wonderful 19th C. Carved and Paint Decorated Urn Plaster Press
Civil War Period Carved Eagle Frame
With Remnants of Original Paint

Exceptional Index Horse Weathervane
Made by Howard

Folk Art
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